Here lies all of the comics Feather has worked on over the years.


This is where all my oneshot story ideas and practice ideas will live.  Feel free to take a look.




Follow Camellia in her daily life as a tea witch, serving everyone with a grumpy expression but a heart dedicated to her trade. Unravel her strange past as well. Learn information about tea, new tea mixes, and weird things the author does with their tea.


~Witch Story~

'Witch Story, The World of Teasday' contains short stories connected to another Webtoon called Teasday. You do not need to read Teasday to understand the story but it is recommended. In this collection, you will get backstories of characters, more about the world they live in, and more about the different species and their lives. Certain Episodes are tagged with specific warnings.


~7" KARA~

I drew a short mini comic for 7" Kara! Read it there!

~Power Pills~

I was an artist in the Guest Comic Sections. Read it there!


Wait for it
I am the one thing in life I can control<br>
Wait for it
I am inimitable
I am an original
I'm not falling behind or running late
I'm not standing still,
I am lying in wait